Residential Treatment Facility

PAHrtners’ Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) is for adolescents who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. The program is set in a home in the community. The goal of the RTF is to provide an intensive therapeutic environment while maintaining as much of the adolescents’ natural supports as possible. When feasible, adolescents remain in their home schools. If needed, educational services are provided by PAHrtners at Green Tree School and Services. Family visits take place as often as therapeutically appropriate. Community activities are a regular part of treatment.

PAHrtners Deaf Services’ RTF services include:

  • 24/7 staffing specializing in adolescents with behavioral challenges.
  • On-going psychiatric assessments and medication management.
  • Individual and group therapy. Group methods are designed to
    maximize positive peer culture, increase group cohesion, and
    teach important life skills.
  • Frequent communication and collaboration between family,
    school, and other service providers.
  • Independent living skills coaching and assistance with school work.

Treatment planning begins with a support team including: the adolescent, the family members, the case manager, the behavioral health providers, the psychiatrist, school representative, other community service providers that support the adolescent, and any other friends or advocates the adolescent and family wish to involve. Plans are strength-based, culturally competent, family focused, adolescent centered and outcome driven.

PAHrtners is dedicated to providing professional behavioral health services that empower youth and their families to achieve treatment goals and ultimately reunite.


PAHrtners Residential treatment Facility is CARF accredited.