Our Leadership Team

David Volosov, B.S., J.D.
President of Salisbury House Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries

David Volosov is the President of Salisbury House, Inc. and its subsidiaries.  David has experience and expertise in a variety of human services operations.

David joined Salisbury House in 2010 as the Assistant General Counsel. Since 2010, David has taken on additional roles, culminating in his appointment to President in early 2016. David’s current responsibilities include leading the strategic planning process with each of the operating entities served by Salisbury House. David works closely with each of the CEOs and Vice Presidents of Salisbury House’s subsidiaries to grow, develop, and further their missions. David supervises the Human Resources, Employee Benefits, Facilities Management, Quality & Learning, and Marketing departments.

David has a Juris Doctor degree from George Washington University Law School and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Business Administration from the University of Maryland. David’s volunteer work includes being an active member of the board of directors of Sulam, a not-for-profit school that provides education and therapeutic services to Jewish children with learning differences, and being an active member of the board of directors of the Berman Hebrew Academy, the largest Modern-Orthodox Jewish day school in the Washington, DC area.

In his spare time, David spends time with his wife and three children, rooting for the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles, and cooking.

To view the press release about David Volosov’s recent promotion to President click here.


Studio portraits for SalisburyPaul Volosov, PH.D.,
Founder, Chairman & CFO of Salisbury House Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries

Paul Volosov founded PAHrtners to help Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals with serious and/or complex challenges live high-quality lives.  PAHrtners primary goal is to help clients and their families overcome obstacles and live a fulfilled and meaningful life, regardless of any and all challenges.  Paul strongly believes that PAHrtners success stems from following the basics – consistently doing the right thing, always offering a helping hand and continuously putting others first.

Paul received his master’s degree in human development from the University of Maryland in 1972 and his Ph.D. in school psychology from Temple University in 1976.

After being certified as a school psychologist and as a licensed psychologist, Paul founded Growth Horizons, Inc. in 1979; Salisbury Behavioral Health, Inc. and Milestones Achievement Centers of America in 1997; and Criticare, Inc. in 2007.  Each of these companies supports people with serious and complex challenges and helps them take responsibility for themselves and others so that all can live satisfying and contributing lives.
Paul is an active member of the board of directors for The Associated Jewish Federation of Baltimore, The National Society for Hebrew Day schools and many other religious institutions. The most rewarding aspect of working at PAHrtners for Paul is being able to see the impossible happen every day.

When he has free time, Paul enjoys spending time with his own family and playing with his many grandchildren.

“I am convinced that everyone can achieve a high-quality life regardless of the challenges faced.  I believe that every day is a new day with the opportunity to improve and to create a new story.  I write a new story for myself every time I help someone else write a new story.”

-Paul Volosov

To view the press release about Paul Volosov’s recent position change from President to Chairman of the Board and CFO click here.


Studio portraits for SalisburyWendy Heines, LCSW, MSW.
Chief Executive Officer, PAHrtners Deaf Services

Wendy Heines is the Chief Executive Officer of PAHrtners Deaf Services. She has over 20 years of experience establishing and operating behavioral healthcare programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

In January 2003, Wendy joined  the newly formed Deaf Services Center (now known as PAHrtners Deaf Services) as its director. After several promotions, she assumed the role of chief executive officer in January 2010. Under Wendy’s leadership the PAHrtners’ staff has grown from 12 to more than 120 employees.  Over 85 percent of those employees are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. During her tenure several programs have been added to PAHrtners’ range of services, including: Interpreting, Outpatient, Case Management, Community Living Arrangements for individuals who are Deaf with co-occurring developmental disabilities, and the Residential Treatment Facility for adolescents who are Deaf.

Wendy is most proud of this family called PAHrtners Deaf Services. “We set out to prove to the world that a team of Deaf professionals can run a behavioral support program,” said Wendy. “We have been told repeatedly by government regulatory bodies, by managed care organizations reviewing our work, and most importantly by the people we serve and their families that the quality of our work is exemplary. Our PAHrtners team is dedicated and passionate about the work we do because we “get it.” Deafness is our lives too!!”

Wendy has a progressive hearing loss which began in childhood. Now she is proudly Deaf. This is important, because it has allowed her to empathize with the life experiences of people who are hard of hearing and late deafened. Wendy has been a part of the Deaf community for over 25 years. She embraces Deaf culture, is an active member of the Deaf community and cherishes American Sign Language.

In 1991, Wendy graduated from Rutgers University with a Master’s degree in Social Work.

Wendy is a member of the American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (ADARA ). ADARA is a group of professionals networking together with the goal of providing excellence in service delivery to individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. She served as its Member at Large from 2003 to 2007, as well as co-chairing the ADARA National Conference in 2003.  Additionally, Wendy is a lifetime member of the Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf.


Studio portraits for Salisbury ManagementMelissa Watson PhD, LPC, BCBA
Vice President of Residential Progams,
PAHrtners Deaf Services

Melissa obtained her social work degree from Bloomsburg University. She holds two master’s degrees – mental health counseling from Gallaudet University, and applied behavior analysis from Florida Institute of Technology.

Melissa has worked with children, adolescent and adults with behavioral challenges for over 20 years. After spending many of her professional years in Florida, she returned to her home state of Pennsylvania, to work at PAHrtners running the Residential Treatment Facility and Outpatient Programs. Recently Melissa was promoted to Vice President of the Residential Programs at PAHrtners Deaf Services.

Melissa graduated with her doctorate degree in Public Services Leadership specializing in Multidisciplinary Human Services from Capella University in January 2016.



NOW HIRING:  Vice President/COO (Residential or Clinical Services), PAHrtners Deaf Services