Blended Case Management

The goal of Blended Case Management (BCM) is to maximize an individual’s ability to live independently and productively in the community.  Case managers help individuals gain access to medical, social, and educational services – within PAHrtners and within the community.

BCM links individuals with other services:
• Housing/Living
• Education/Vocation
• Income/Benefits
• Money Management
• Mental Health Treatment
• Socialization/Support
• Drug & Alcohol Treatment
• Medical Treatment
• Transportation Skills & Travel
• Activities of Daily Living
• Nutritional Education
• Obtaining & Using Various Assisted Technologies
• Re-integration into the Deaf Community
• Advocacy for ADA Accessible Communication
• And Much More

Blended Case Managers provide support to the individual at home, at school, and within the community. The frequency of case management services is determined by the assessed level of need. Blended Case Managers are available 24/7 to assist with emergencies and crisis intervention.